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Get the Glow: Madeleine Shaw's tips for Young Mums

Madeleine Shaw was one of the headline presenters at WellFest at the weekend, she had a cooking demo in the WellFood tent where she shared some recipes to help us ‘Get the Glow’ and we were lucky enough to have a quick chat with her afterwards. Madeleine really lives up to her name and exudes a...


Have You Heard of The Doctor's Kitchen?

Dr. Rupy Aujla, aka The Doctor’s Kitchen, was in Dublin for WellFest 2018. He’s a forward-thinking, progressive GP in the UK and his thoughts on the complementary nature of nutrition and lifestyle with medicine are a breath of fresh air. Although this isn’t anything new in the US, the UK...


LifeStyle medicine is now a big trend in the US but what is it?

Dr. Hazel Wallace, A.K.A The Food Medic is a fascinating person. She is one of our own doing amazing things abroad in the UK and she’s also making waves in the medical world with her progressive approach to lifestyle medicine. She was one of the headline presenters at WellFest this year and we...


Book Review: Vegan-ish by Holly White

With growing knowledge about the negative impact of consuming meat and dairy products on our personal health and the environment made coming across Holly White’s book Vegan-ish feel like finding the pearl in the oyster. You may remember Holly as Becs in the hugely popular Dan and Becs. Now a...


Book Review: The Burnout Solution - 12 Weeks to a Calmer You by Siobhan Murray

If we have never felt at some point that we are burnt out, whether it be from a job or personal circumstances, then we probably have had the thought run through our head that we are heading that way if we don’t make some fundamental changes to the way we are living. Our lives are so fully...


Book Review: The Stress Solution by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

The links between stress and your health are long established. Find out what’s causing the stress and you’ll get better. Well, if it was only that simple! Stress, for starters, is very personal and relevant to an individual’s perspective. What might stress one person wouldn’t even enter the...