The WellNow Company

Are you feeling like you could improve your nutrition but don’t know how? You want to stop feeling tired and sluggish but can’t catch your breath to figure out how to fit it into your crazy schedule? We know how hard it is to juggle real life with getting healthy. So, we are on a mission to Empower our clients to achieve their health and wellbeing goals through Nutrition and Lifestyle knowledge, Self-exploration, Self-care and Support to implement all of this into their lives.

We want to reach as many people as we can, so in addition to our coaching services, we are now rolling out our very own courses online, making it accessible to everyone from the comfort of their own home or hammock, depending on where they are on their life journey.

We’re Suzanne and Jessie. We’re Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coaches, we’re sisters and we’re both mums.

Suzanne Leyden

As a mum of three small children, and having my own health coaching business I know all about juggling real life when time is scarce. I have a passion for living a healthy and fulfilling life, sparked by wanting the best for my family, particularly setting up my kids with a healthy understanding of balance when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle.

By drawing on my own experiences of pregnancy, particularly fending off so much conflicting information, I was adamant that the first course we roll out with was a consolidated, go-to place for pregnant women to be empowered with knowledge and the ability to implement this information into their own life to give them the happiest and healthiest pregnancy.

To follow that with an accessible corporate wellness programme, Be Well Now, is something both Jessie and I are passionate about. We both fully understand the stress and imbalance work can cause so to help others achieve not only a work/life balance but improve nutrition and lifestyle knowledge and habits on an individual basis really drives us.

With an undergraduate degree in Management Science and Information Systems, and having worked for over 10 years in TV, film and commercials production, my stressful, hectic working lifestyle convinced me to make the switch to become a Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coach. Studying with the Institute of Health Sciences enabled me to coach clients to achieve their personal goals taking a very holistic approach and being lead by the individual’s own agenda.

By forming the WellNow Company with Jessie we feel we can positively impact the maximum amount of people through coaching in person and online.

Jessica Mitton

As a qualified Nutrition and Health Coach, my passion is in helping people to achieve health and balance in their lives through small yet sustainable diet and lifestyle changes.

I worked in the corporate world of advertising in Dublin and London for over 10 years so I understand the struggles and pressures that come with that world and how difficult it can be to maintain balance and a healthy lifestyle. My drive comes from seeing the positive impact coaching has on my clients, whether that's helping them to set a clear vision for their own lives, work on achieving goals or working around obstacle to these goals.

I am also a Mum to 2 little girls who keep me busy outside of work time! Family is so important to me and helps to keep me grounded and put things into perspective. I was pregnant with my second daughter when we developed the Empowered Pregnancy wellness programme so it was very relevant for me at that time and I was lucky enough to road test it throughout the development process. Pregnancy is a wonderful time but also very demanding time both physically and mentally so managing and maintaining health at this stage of life is hugely important.