We offer a number of practical solutions to help organisations improve the health and wellbeing of their teams. Some of these offerings include:

A. Talks & Workshops

We deliver group talks and workshops around a number of topics including:

·     Goal setting & motivation

·     Nutrition

·     Stress Management

·     Sleep

·     Lifestyle and environmental factors

For our talks and workshops we offer tailoring the experience to make it fit your group perfectly. We do this using our Wellness Check survey  for the talk or workshop based on client requirements in order to deliver the most suitable and targeted talk to the attendees using data and discussion with the client to deliver this. The Wellness Check ensures that the content of the talk has the maximum impact for attendees. It also includes a pdf handout with take-home tips and information, and possibly some in-session exercises to improve wellness.

For more information on our Talks & Workshops, contact us here.

B. Wellness Experiences

For a more immersive experience we tailor half or full day packages hosted either onsite or in an offsite location allowing teams to fully switch off from the daily grind and focus on themselves and their own health, coming back to the work environment refreshed and renewed. Packages are tailored to the group but can include the following:

·     Wellness talks & workshops

·     Yoga

·     Pilates

·     Spa treatments 

For more information on our Wellness Experiences, contact us here.

C. Planning

It is widely recognised now that employee wellness is paramount to performance, productivity and an engaged workforce but developing a wellness plan is time consuming. We will work with you to understand your organisation’s needs, objectives and budgets and develop a plan to match these. We work with a number of trusted experts in the wellness field and so, can tailor a plan to match your team’s needs.

For more information on Workplace Wellness Planning, contact us here.

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